Applicant organizations must provide or plan to provide programs/services benefiting the health of residents in the Health Trust's primary geographic service area, which consists of three zip codes: 95076, 95019, and 95004. Communities within this service area include Watsonville, Pajaro, Freedom, and Aromas. The home office of the applicant organization need not be located in the Pajaro Valley, but the applicant organization must demonstrate that it provides or plans to provide services that directly benefit residents of the Pajaro Valley.

Core Grantmaking Program Areas
For projects to be eligible for funding they must address one or more of the Health Trust's current strategic program areas. The Health Trust has committed to focusing its program and grantmaking activities in the following areas:

Please refer to the 2015-2020 Program Strategic Plan (PDF) for more information on the Health Trust’s program areas and specific goals

Target Populations: In addition to the four core grantmaking programs, the Health Trust remains committed to making a special effort to support programs and projects that serve the following populations: Children & Youth (Ages 0-21); Farm Workers and their Families; and Low-Income and Underserved Individuals.

Types of Grant Support
The applicant organization must be a nonprofit, 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization; a school-based health program; or have a 501 (c) 3, tax-exempt organization as a fiscal sponsor.  In general, the Health Trust's Board of Directors prefers not to fund programs or projects administered by a city, county, state, or federal government with the exception of school-based health programs.  Other exceptions will be considered on a limited basis when the Board of Directors believes that funding a proposed project involving government will best serve the Health Trust's mission and goals as outlined in the Health Trust's strategic plan.

The Health Trust Board of Directors prefers to provide program/project support and does not generally provide capacity-building, core operating, or capital grants.  Exceptions have been made when this type of support was included as part of a program/project grant.


Multi-year Grants
The Health Trust generally provides support for one year.  Multi-year grants are rarely considered and only after assessing a number of factors, such as the feasibility of the program without multi-year funds and the benefits to the community. Funding from the Health Trust is not intended as a source of ongoing support.

Consecutive Years of Foundation Support
There is no strict policy about the number of years an organization is eligible to apply for additional support. For this reason availability of continued funding for a single project should not be assumed. Grantees are expected to seek funding from other sources for ongoing support.

What We Do Not Fund
In general, the Health Trust does not give grants to:

  • Projects that do not substantially benefit residents of the Pajaro Valley.
  • Projects and proposals unrelated to the Health Trust's mission, eligibility requirements, and current strategic plan funding priorities and objectives.
  • Individuals, with the exception of the Health Trust's scholarship programs.
  • Religious organizations for secular purposes.
  • Endowments, building campaigns, annual fund appeals, fundraising events or celebrations.
  • Commercial ventures.

At the discretion of the Board, the Health Trust’s grantmaking policies may be modified in response to changing circumstances and priorities.

Awarded Grants

Reporting Forms (For Current Grantees)






Contact Us
For more information on our grantmaking programs or eligibility requirements, please contact Grantmaking Program staff, phone 763-6456, or email.