Diabetes Forum

Fourteenth Annual Diabetes Forum - Using Mindfulness to Foster Well-Being in the Presence of Disease

The 14th Annual Diabetes Forum took place on Friday, March 3, 2017. The event was hosted by the Regional Diabetes Collaborative (RDC), a program administered by the Pajaro Valley Community Health Trust (Health Trust).  This year's forum topic will be: Using Mindfulness to Foster Well-Being in the Presence of Disease.

The objective of the forum was to communicate how mindfulness practices can play a role in promoting good health and resiliency of health professionals interacting with individuals living with diabetes and other challenging diagnoses, while also supporting good quality of life and healthy coping for those dealing with the physical and emotional symptoms of chronic and/or life-threatening diseases, including diabetes.

The keynote speakers for the Diabetes Forum were Dr. Jennifer Hastings (Planned Parenthood Mar Monte), Lorenia Parada Ampudia, (National Autonomous University of Mexico), Inbal Yassur (Encompass Community Services), Caitlin Brune (Pajaro Valley Community Health Trust), Martha Quinata (Diabetes Health Center), Jackie Thompson (Diabetes Health Center), and Cristina Vega-Martinez (Diabetes Health Center)

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About the Regional Diabetes Collaborative (RDC): The RDC is administered by the Pajaro Valley Community Health Trust, since 2001, has united some 40 member-organizations to help prevent and manage diabetes in Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey Counties. The RDC’s activities include creating partnerships with private, public, governmental and community-based organizations to prevent diabetes in the region; increasing public awareness and diabetes education; promoting best practices in clinical management; and improving the availability, accessibility, and affordability of treatment services, medicines and equipment for diabetes patients.


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