Regional Diabetes Collaborative

In 2001, the Pajaro Valley Community Health Trust convened a Regional Diabetes Collaborative (RDC) comprised of more than 40 public and private member agencies, as well as medical providers and consumer representatives. The RDC is currently composed of various public agencies, health care providers, non-profit organizations, and private businesses, as well as consumers and other interested individuals. The RDC has six committees, created by the General Membership, to carry out tasks and functions of the organization as needed.



Oral Health Collaborative

The Central Coast Oral Health Collaborative (CCOHC) was convened by the Pajaro Valley Community health Trust in July 2007. The CCOHC is made up of partnering organizations that are committed to improving the oral health of low-income and underserved populations on the Central Coast.






Mesa Verde Gardens

Mesa Verde Gardens (MVG) aims to enhance self-reliance and food security and to improve health among low-income families, primarily those living in the Pajaro Valley, south Santa Cruz County. Through its work, MVG aims to promote community and ecological stewardship by co-creating fertile, beautiful, safe community gardens in which individuals can gather to work, learn, cultivate, celebrate, and otherwise enrich their own lives and enhance collective well-being. MVG currently maintains seven community gardens and three community orchards that involve 220 families in growing organic fruits and vegetables for their own tables. MVG is a fiscally sponsored project of Pajaro Valley Community Health Trust (PVCHT).